Working at United Plus

We stimulate people to develop their talents and encourage them to make the most of themselves both at work and in their personal lives. Whatever career path our employees take, we believe in supporting it. For some that means flexible schedules to attend school, for others, they want to gain experience to take their career to the next level. Whatever it is, you can bet that we'll support your plans.

On the Job

You can expect a fast paced professional environment where you'll be expected to grow personally and professionally. We draw our strength from our core company values and expect each of our employees to carry those values with them during their workday.

How we Work

At United Plus, we all work together to achieve our goal of providing meaningful solutions to human needs. It is therefore crucial that we communicate properly among ourselves and that everyone is given full opportunity to use their individual talents.

Here is how we do it;

We believe it is important that employees feel part of a team, experience that their ideas and suggestions count, can trust their manager, and that diverse perspectives are valued. There are formal and informal reviews to test these points, and the results are input for improvement and change programs.

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement

The United Plus workforce is diverse in many dimensions. At United Plus, we are committed to fostering an environment that embraces mutual respect, cooperation, and productive relationships among the members of this diverse workforce. We continue to operate in accordance with federal, state and local laws that protect employees regardless of age, ethnic background, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, physical capability, race, and religion. More broadly, striving toward a more diverse corporate environment requires that employees at all levels treat their peers, subordinates, supervisors, colleagues outside of United Plus, and customers with respect without allowing differences to interfere. We believe our diverse workforce helps United Plus realize its fullest potential. Recognizing and developing the talents of each individual brings new ideas to United Plus. The company also benefits from the innovation that results when people who have different experiences and perspectives work together. In this way, a well-managed, diverse workforce expands our base of knowledge, skills, and understanding. It also allows us to be more responsive to the needs of our diverse sponsors. United Plus is committed to the long-term recognition, development, and advancement of its employees.

We need to continue to identify and attract a workforce of the best talent available. Our ability to use diversity to realize our greatest potential will be an important factor in achieving future success.